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Coaching by Above The Rim Executive Coaching

Take Control of Your Career Destiny - On-Purpose!

Job Interview

The Job Search Challange

The “traditional” way of looking for work just does not work. The way employers are looking for employees is broken. With fewer jobs and more job seekers, it is more critical than ever that you stand out to your target companies!

Differentiating Through Your Why!

As Inspirational and Ted Talk speaker Simon Sinek says, "People do not buy what you do, but why you do it!" If you do not know why you do what you do, how can you expect anyone to choose you? Our programs are designed to take you on a deep dive to discover you're why.  Learn how to articulate your passion for what you do.

Asian Businesswoman
Casual Business Meeting

Managing Your Career Security

Step back and gain clarity by embarking on a new approach to Leadership Development. Understand the barriers holding you back, and learn effective procedures that will enable you to more easily move forward.

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